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Why online counselling?

Having a session online is different to, but not inferior to face-to-face therapy. Many clients, in fact, came with doubts but ended up with very positive experience.

Researches have shown that online counselling works as effectively as therapy in person, while in practice, it could show more advantages. It provides those who, maybe because of phobia or depression or disability, have difficulty stepping outside their home or find traveling extremely distressing a chance to access support and service.

In other cases, one can be free from squeezing in public transportation or traffic, trying to catch the counselling session at the other side of the city anxiously, which sometimes already drains the energy before starting the session. Meanwhile, a one-hour session can be a lot easier to fit in the tight schedule than a three-hour trip. If one were already struggling with anxiety and restlessness, travelling stress is probably the last thing they want to add on.

Other than these, many people have found that having therapy at the place they choose allow them to feel safer and in control. Especially when they have sessions in the environment that they have their daily struggle, it becomes very natural to connect with their deep feelings and I also get the opportunity to sense their difficulties in a more direct way.

For years, I have been able to develop deep emotional bonds, insights and go on incredibly internal journeys with many people around the world, even when we never met in person. Surprisingly, a lot can be done when we really focus on the person, not the camera.

If you are interested to give it a try but not sure if you want to commit long term counselling yet, you are very welcome to book a consultation session to test it. More information can be found on the page of "procedure".

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