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How we work together in sessions

In our session together, you will have a safe environment to express your feelings and thoughts bottled up in your mind without the worry of being judged - we all took different external and internal journeys to the place where we are now, I'm here to support, not to judge.

My main job is to listen, support and perceive your difficulties in your way and explore all the possibilities with you. Together we will reflect and make sense of what is happening in your life and how to take control of your decisions and actions so you can cope better with whatever you are going through.

You have the autonomy to decide how much you want to disclose and when to in the counselling. I will not suggest agenda unless we are working with strict CBT, which requires to carry out structured interventions to tackle your specific issue, such as phobia or OCD. However, there is always room to discuss what do YOU want along the way.

I will discuss the ending with you so that it is planned and organised. I will also propose to end counselling when I feel our work will no longer benefit you instead of trapping you here. 

You are very welcome to book an initial consultation to explore if counselling is the right thing for you. 

How we arrange things

If you decide to give this service a try, you can book through the above tab "contact", I will try to get back to you as soon as possible, if you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please check your spam box or leave me a message with your mobile number so I can respond immediately. I offer initial consultation to those who are not yet ready to start counselling. It can be a chance for us to know each other a bit better before making the decision to carry out counselling or not. You can tell me what is troubling you at the moment and your expectation of our work together. We will discuss the terms and conditions of our contract regarding to fees, frequency, suitable slot, confidentiality, data protection etc. 

You do not need to commit any further sessions by coming to the consultation, only when you decide to carry on having counselling with me, your slot will be blocked out especially for you. Normally each session lasts 50 minutes and is usually on a weekly basis. A gentle reminder here: if you can not show up for the session scheduled, please give me at least 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel. Full fees will apply with any notice shorter than that, except absolute emergency. 

What platform are we going to use

For video counselling the most secure platform would be:

VSee ( is a free secure application that is fully encrypted to a high standard and is HIPAA compliant, which is an additional protection that is required by law in the US (but not in the UK). This means that it is very difficult for a third party to hack into the communication and all stored data remains fully encrypted. need to download software) is another HIPPA compliant telemedicine solution platform. Client information is not stored in servers; Video call is through an end-to-end encrypted connection.


I am also available for Skype, Zoom, Wechat, however they are not HIPPA compliant or end-to-end encrypted, data may be stored on servers and potentially be monitored.

All options are free of call charges and calls are not recorded. You are free to choose the platform you feel comfortable and safe to use.

There can never be a 100% guarantee that online counselling is safe, but with awareness, attention, and diligence, the risk that a third party can access the communication or its records, is minimal.

How much does it cost


Weekday day session:

Initial consultation: 45GBP/53Euro      50 minutes

Counselling session: 50GBP/60Euro     50 minutes

Weekday night session/weekend:

Initial consultation: 50GBP/60Euro      50 minutes

Counselling session: 55GBP/65Euro     50minutes

 All session fees must be paid in advance via bank transfer. Account details will be sent after your booking. 

Opening hours: 

*Updated 2023.1

Due to high demand of service, currently the available slots are only for Wednesday morning. Please consult for more details. 

**Clients from other timezone please convert accordingly

open hours-english.png

  Immediate support  

Online counselling cannot provide an emergency service. Emergencies or strong suicidal feelings need urgent attention. The following are useful contacts :  (116 123 world wide free helpline for emotional support)

or please contact your local emergency services.

999(emergency help) or 112 (emergency help-work on a mobile anywhere in the world)

I am not able to provide online counselling to any person who is under the age of 18

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