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“Qualified,registered & experienced counsellor and psychotherapist
helps you understand better your anxiety, depression, relationship and trauma”  

Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in my private practice. My name is Jiao, I am a fully registered Counsellor and psychotherapist of BACP(British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy). I adhere to the BACP Ethics code and EU GDPR data protection regulation, which ensures you of high standard of confidentiality. Currently I am offering individual online counselling to clients in Europe, China and Australia. 

Since qualifying in 2005, I have worked as a counsellor in a variety of settings such as secondary school(U.K), charity counselling services for young people(U.K), mental health rehabilitation center(U.S), medical service(Iraq), EAP(employee assistant program) and University counselling centre(China). 


I work intensively with the following issues and it is not uncommon that someone can have more than one of them at the same time: 

  • Anxiety: general anxiety, phobia, panic attack, OCD, procrastination, constant restlessness, unable to relax, easily feel guilty, take too much responsibility from others

  • Low self-esteem: low self confidence, self doubt, sensitivity to rejection and criticism, perfectionism, lack of assertiveness, impulsive behavior or anger, history of being bullied

  • Constantly feeling sad, hopeless, powerless, empty, oppressed, isolated;self-harming

  • Trauma--developmental trauma, emotional abuse

  • Expat Issue--hard to fit in new environment, severe cultural shock, difficulties with relationship/family due to immigration/oversea study

  • Self development -- personal growth, overcoming old habit, career choices, life decision

  • Bereavement & loss: death of a loved one, losing job, divorce

  • Relationship Issues: affairs and betrayals,drawn to same type of unhealthy relationship repetitively and/or not being able to walk away from it


My Approach

I am an integrative counsellor though I do use CBT and humanistic & existential approach more often as I found most of my clients like these approaches. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) offers a way to re-structure your thoughts and develop more balanced ways of thinking and behaving in relation to your issues. It has been proved to be efficient therapy for anxiety and depression.  Humanistic & existential therapy, on the other hand, emphasizes that ultimately everyone is seeking a fulfilling and meaningful way of living, therefore everyone has the potential to establish and realize their vision and grow.

In our session together, you will have a safe environment to express your feelings and thoughts bottled up in your mind without the worry of being judged - we all took different external and internal journeys to the place where we are now, I'm here to support, not to judge.

My main job is to listen, support and perceive your difficulties in your way and explore all the possibilities with you. Together we will reflect and make sense of what is happening in your life and how to take control of your decisions and actions so you can cope better with whatever you are going through.


I have a multicultural background, Chinese origin but have lived in U.S, U.K, Spain in the past ten years for study and work. I take equal opportunities seriously and embrace the principles of diversity. I can offer therapy in both English and Mandarin Chinese(Hopefully one day in Spanish as well).

Please click the tab of "Procedure" for more information about how I work with client and feel free to contact me for my availability, I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

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“An inner journey to reveal, to explore, to grow...”  

“There are many ways to describe the therapeutic relationship: patient/therapist, client/ counsellor…I prefer to think of my clients as fellow travelers, a term that abolishes all distinction between ‘them’ as the afflicted and ‘us’ as the healers”

                                                                                                       ——Irvin Yalom, A gift of therapy

"Life is not what it's supposed to be. It's what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference."
                                                                                                       ——Virginia Satir

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